• Brick Walls and Ladders November 28, 2015
    For every locked door, you were given a key. You did not make yourself. You did not choose your parents, nor did you design the environment that nurtured you. The One who brought you to this world, who knew you before you were conceived and who fashioned you in the womb—He knew intimately all the […]

Atarah / Neckband

The atarah is a decorated neckband commonly embroidered at the head of the tallit and aimed to prevent the user from confusing the tallit’s upper and lower sides and placing the front tzitziot at his or her rear. Some have developed the custom of adding an atara made of embroidered silver threads, in order to glorify the mitzvah of donning the tallit.

tallit neckbands are produced from the same materials used to decorate our tallitot: raw silk appliqué and hand embroidery.

We will be happy to combine a neckband of your choice in one of our tallitot.

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