• Childish Demands November 23, 2014
    When a child feels something is missing the child wants it, demands it with all his heart and soul and demands it now. The world is not the way it should be. None of us are in our proper place. We must demand from our Father that all this be repaired and be repaired now. We need to scream out as a small child would scream. 13 Nissan 5741, sicha 46. […]

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Pure Silk Tallit

Yair Emanuel’s tallit (Prayer Shawl) sets are hand painted, using silk dyes over pure, high quality silk. The blessing of “Lehitatef BeTzitzit” – to don the tzitzit– is written on the atarah (neckband).The tallit (Prayer Shawl) sets are decorated in colorful patterns, rimmed by golden and black lines, and undergo a process of fixation that preserves their colorfulness over time. The patterns on the tallit (Prayer Shawl) sets depict the city of Jerusalem, the Twelve Tribes, and Miriam and Deborah, over three background colors: white, blue and purple-wine. All tallit (Prayer Shawl) sets include a matching bag and kippa