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Choosing the Size of Your Tallit

The size of a tallit is first and foremost a matter of personal choice. It changes from one to another, according to a person’s own wishes and preferences. Most tallitot vary in length, and have a standard width running between 72″-80″.

A person wishing to drape the tallit over his or her shoulders in a manner similar to wearing a shawl will often choose a size 72/18″ or 72/24″. Should one prefer to have the tallit come down to the middle of his or her back, a length of 28″ or 32″ will probably be chosen. A tallit that is 36″ or 47″ in length will come down to a person’s knees, and a length of 50″-70″ will produce a tallit completely covering the Jewish believer, enabling him or her to fold the tallit over the shoulders. Such large tallitot appear as stately, noble gowns, and are often used in communal, festive prayers.

Tallit Sizing Tables


These sizing tables can assist you in choosing your preferable tallit size. The relation between size and height is based on extensive experience, but may not suit all preferences and tastes.

To wear your tallit in a manner similar to a shawl, use the following table:

Tallit Size (Width x Length, in inches) Approx. Height/Figure
10 x 45 3 Ft. – Little Child
18 x 64 5 Ft. – Bar/Bat Mitzvah
18 x 72 5 Ft. 6 In. – Tall Bar/Bat Mitzvah
22 x 72 Under 6 Ft. – Regular Adult
27 x 72 Under 6 Ft. – Large Adult
36 x 72 Under 6 Ft. – X-Large Adult
22 x 81 6 Ft. and Taller – Slim Frame
27 x 81 6 Ft. and Taller – Large Frame

To wear your Talit in the traditional style, use the following table:

Talit Size (Width x Length, in inches) Approx. Height/Figure
36 x 72 Under 5 Ft. – Bar/Bat Mitzvah
48 x 72 Tall Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Small Adult
52 x 72 Regular Adult
60 x 80 Large Adult and Chupah Size
72 X 84 X-Large Adult and Chupah Size