• Meditation Through a Sea of Reeds April 23, 2014
    Accept the world at its face value and it won’t let you move forward. Every impulse must be bridled, every step carefully balanced —and even then, for every step forward, you fall back two. You are enslaved within an Egypt of your own making. Here is your route of escape: Meditate deeply upon the inner soul of the world; struggle to see the vision described […]

Cotton Fabric Tallit – Machine Embroidered

Yair Emanuel’s special tallit (Prayer Shawl) sets are densely embroidered over a cotton fabric. The embroidered lettering on the atarah (neckband) is the traditional blessing when donning the tallit (Prayer Shawl): “…asher kideshanu bemitzvotav vitzivanu lehitatef betzitzit.” The tallit (Prayer Shawl) sets are decorated very colorfully, by means of multicolored, silver and golden silk threads, in a variety of patterns, including the city of Jerusalem and flower motifs. All tallit (Prayer Shawl) sets include a matching bag and kippa

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