• Getting Personal August 21, 2014
    When is a relationship real? When it has broken down. As long as each fulfills the other’s expectations, there is only a contract, but the people as they are people are not involved. Once trust is breached, then a new depth enters: The depth of the human being. If there is truly a relationship—if it is the person inside that matters—then there is a search fo […]

Organza Tallit

Yair Emanuel’s organza tallit (Prayer Shawl) sets are made of diaphanous organza fabric. The stripes are made out of a separate piece of organza, which in turn is attached to the tallit (Prayer Shawl). The atarah (neckband) and corners are made from a high-quality Jacquard fabric. All tallit (Prayer Shawl) sets include a matching bag.

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