• Present in Absence August 1, 2015
    The true teacher is most present in his absence. It is then that all he has taught takes root, grows and blossoms. The student despairs for his teacher’s guidance, and in that yearning, the student’s mind becomes as the teacher’s mind, so that they become one. Maamar Vayomer Lo 5728, 5732, 5737. […]

Organza Tallit

Yair Emanuel’s organza tallit (Prayer Shawl) sets are made of diaphanous organza fabric. The stripes are made out of a separate piece of organza, which in turn is attached to the tallit (Prayer Shawl). The atarah (neckband) and corners are made from a high-quality Jacquard fabric. All tallit (Prayer Shawl) sets include a matching bag.

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