• Inner Engravings May 25, 2016
    The soul is full of words, some inscribed, some engraved. The words inscribed are not of the essence—they come to the soul from the outside, from life and its experiences. Therefore, they may fade and fall away, perhaps to be replaced by other words. The words engraved are of the soul itself—just as engravings are no […]

Tallit & Tefillin Bag

tallit (Prayer Shawl) and tefillin bags are both beautiful and practical to keep the tallit (Prayer Shawl) in. The bags are decorated with much color and in various techniques, including hand and machine embroidery, raw silk appliqué, embroidery on velvet bags, etc. The variety of patterns includes depictions of the city of Jerusalem, patterns of pomegranates, flowers, and other Jewish motifs.

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